ANACOM orders MEO to implement a reduction of 15.16% in DTT prices

ANACOM orders MEO to implement a reduction of 15.16% in the annual price per Mbps that it charges to television operators (RTP, SIC and TVI) for provision of the digital terrestrial television (DTT) service. The draft decision now approved by ANACOM will be subject to a prior hearing and public consultation for a period of 30 working days.

The analysis of pricing conducted by ANACOM concluded that the prices currently in force, agreed between MEO and the television operators do not comply with one of the principles introduced by Law no. 33/2016 of 24 August, insofar as they exceed the price limit presented in the proposal that won the public tender for allocation of the Mux A licence (885.1 thousand euros per annum and per Mbps). For this reason, the price currently in force per Mbps is to be reduced by 15.16%, in order to comply with this principle as under the law.

It is recalled that the prices which are in force and which were established through the agreements already represent a reduction in relation to the previously applied prices.

MEO is required to implement the new prices within 10 working days following notification of the final decision that may be adopted by ANACOM. Within the same period, the operator is required to communicate the revised prices, simultaneously and in full, to all television operators.

It is recalled that under the terms of Law 33/2016, of 24 August, ANACOM is responsible for evaluating the need for a revision of prices charged for the provision of the DTT service on an annual basis.