Space Activities

/ Updated on 26.06.2019

ANACOM assumes the powers and responsibilities of the Space Authority, on a temporary basis, under Decree-Law no. 16/2019, of 22 January.

This legislation, which established the legal regime governing access to and exercise of space activities, sets out an innovative legal framework designed to facilitate the development of space activities, products and services in Portugal, attracting companies and added-value, knowledge-based operations, and stimulating research and development in this area.

By decision of 6 June 2019, ANACOM has approved the draft regulation referred to in articles 5, 7, 8, 16 and 17 of this Decree-Law, which establishes the legal regime governing access to and exercise of space activities, specifically:

a) The licence allocation procedure and the criteria for assessing the conditions of allocation, for launch and/or return operations and for command and control operations.

b) The procedure governing the granting of prior qualification certificates in the exercise of space activities subject to licensing.

c) Items related to space objects to be registered at the Space Authority.

d) Terms to be observed and the information to be provided when transferring ownership of space objects.

Interested parties have a period of 15 working days, following its publication in Diário da República (Official Journal), to respond (comments in writing and in Portuguese). Comments should be sent by email to

In advance of this decision, commencement of the regulatory procedure for space activities was approved on 4 April 2019, when interested parties had the opportunity to send ANACOM written contributions and suggestions on matters they felt should be considered.

See decisions, and national and international legislation on space activities.


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