R&TTE regime

/ Updated on 07.09.2017

The R&TTE (Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment) regulatory framework was introduced in the European Union by Directive 1999/5/EChttps://www.anacom.pt/render.jsp?contentId=986587, revoked by Directive 2014/53/EU, of 16.04.2014https://www.anacom.pt/render.jsp?contentId=1305232.

This Directive was transposed to portuguese legislation by Decree-Law no. 57/20017https://www.anacom.pt/render.jsp?contentId=1416519, of 9 June, which establishes a framework for the making available on the market, putting into service and use of radio equipment.

Consult the decisionshttps://www.anacom.pt/render.jsp?categoryId=377035 on R&TTE regime.