Space Authority

The Space Authority's mission is to regulate, supervise and oversee space activities, without prejudice to the performance of enforcement by other authorities within the scope of their respective powers and responsibilities.

ANACOM has assumed the powers and responsibilities of the Space Authority on a transitional basis, under Decree-Law no. 16/2019 of 22 January.

The remit of the Space Authority is as follows:

  • Maintain safety/security of space activities;
  • Issue certificates of prior qualification, grant licences and register space objects;
  • Cooperate with other national and international authorities with relevant competence in the space sector;
  • Ensure that there is no discrimination in the treatment of undertakings engaged in space activities in similar circumstances;
  • Formulate regulations and give instructions on practices to be followed in order to ensure compliance with the provisions of the Decree-Law;
  • Oversee and enforce compliance with the obligations set out in this Decree-Law;
  • Instigate and instruct breach proceedings and apply respective sanctions;
  • Undertake any other responsibilities laid down in its statutes at the time of its establishment.

The Space Authority is also responsible for assessing and deciding on any requests or complaints received from the operators, and will seek to resolve any disputes related to the obligations arising from Decree-Law no. 16/2019 among the undertakings subject to these obligations, notwithstanding the option of recourse to the courts. The Space Authority's response to requests or complaints are to be notified, with the respective reasoning, to the interested parties within a maximum period of six months from the date of their submission and will be published on the Authority's website without prejudice to the obligation to safeguard commercial secrecy.

The Space Authority and other competent authorities and services shall cooperate with each other, as necessary, in matters of common interest and as may be required for the accomplishment of the objectives of Decree-Law no. 16/2019.