Intermediary providers

/ Updated on 28.10.2014

Decree-Law no. 7/2004, of 7 January states that 'intermediary networking service providers who wish to pursue steadily the activity in Portugal shall previously register with the central supervisory entity', ANACOM (article 4, paragraph 4 and article 35, paragraph 2). Intermediary networking service providers are providers that render technical services for the access, availability and use of online information or services, which are independent of the generation of the information or service themselves (article 4, paragraph 5).

For this purpose, a form is available for the registration of intermediary networking service providers (Prestadores intermediários de serviços em rede and can be send to ANACOM, by electronic or post, together with the following required documents:

  • where registration is being made by an individual: a copy of the provider's identity card (ID) and tax identification card;
  • where registration is being made by a legal person: a copy of the provider's tax identification card;

Providers are not required to provide any items that they have already provided to ANACOM where providers have completed the registration procedure under Lei das Comunicações Eletrónicas (Electronic Communications Law However, undertakings which have given ANACOM notice of the commencement of their activity in compliance with the Electronic Communications Law, should also attach a copy of this notification to the registration form.