Quality policy

/ Updated on 11.08.2022

The services provided by ANACOM must consistently meet the needs and expectations of its clients and other stakeholders, promoting the development of communications in Portugal through the high quality of its work.

Therefore, ANACOM's Management Board considers that the implementation of a management system in their laboratory, in accordance with the requirements of EN ISO IEC 17025, "General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories", is essential in the pursuit of an image of excellence, particularly with regard to the high quality of services provided in this area and the best practices of all personnel involved.

To this end, the Management Board undertakes to:

  • Provide the resources necessary to achieve the objectives set out in the Laboratory Management System;
  • Implement conditions for the adoption and disclosure of the management system among all staff and compliance by all staff therewith;
  • Arrange continuous training and professional refresher courses for all staff;
  • Pursue and incentivise the adoption, at all levels, of a philosophy of continuous improvement, with a view to accomplishing full satisfaction of the requirements and expectations of its clients.

So that this Quality Policy is effective and is adopted by testing and calibration staff assigned to the Laboratory Centre and Standardisation, all documentation associated with the Management System will be provided in electronic format and made accessible to staff via their personal computers.