ANACOM advises Vectone customers that they have 3 months to port their telephone numbers and maintain mobile services

Vectone Mobile will cease activity in Portugal, and has given notice to ANACOM and its customers that services will no longer be available as from today (4 July 2018). In view of this decision by the company, it must be ensured that Vectone's customers are able to retain their telephone numbers by choosing to subscribe to the service of alternative mobile telephone operators. ANACOM is therefore advising these customers that they have 3 months to request portability of their numbers.

ANACOM also reminds other operators originating calls to the numbers in question that they are required to ensure routing.

ANACOM will notify the Portability Reference Entity (the company which manages the database of ported numbers) as to the discontinuation of the provision of mobile telephone services by Vectone, so that the Reference Entity can take over the company’s role in processes of number portability to other operators, as from today and for the period of three months. According to the latest available information, it is estimated that Vectone has about five thousand customers in the mobile telephone service.

All the necessary steps will be taken to put this process into operation, as well as to ensure the recovery of the numbering allocated to Vectone.


Download file Notice - Cessation of services provided by Vectone Mobile (Portugal) Limited (PDF 177 KB)