CTT mobile telephone service to cease on 1 January

CTT - Correios de Portugal has informed ANACOM that it will discontinue the activity of the virtual mobile operator Phone-ix as from 1 January 2019 and that it will send a text message to all prepaid customers to inform them of this situation.

Accordingly, ANACOM announces that CTT customers may request portability of their numbers to other mobile service providers, as from today and up until three months following the service's termination ("quarantine time"), under the terms of the current Regulamento da Portabilidade (Portability Regulation).

In order to ensure continuity of the mobile telephone service for Phone-ix customers, ANACOM reminds other providers originating communications to the numbers in question that they are required to provide routing for these communications.

ANACOM has notified the Portability Reference Entity (company which manages the database of ported numbers) as to termination of this service; this entity will take the place of CTT in processes of number portability to other providers, as from 1 January 2019.