Bundled services obtain 254 thousand new customers in one year

At the end of the 3rd quarter 2017, the penetration rate of telecommunications bundled services reached 90.6 per 100 private households, 6.3 percentage points more than in the same quarter last year, which means that 9 out of 10 families now have bundled services.

In total, the number of customers of bundled services reached 3.7 million, 7.4% more in comparison with the same quarter in the previous year, which corresponds to 254 thousand new customers. This is the highest growth recorded in the last four quarters.

The observed growth was mainly due to 5P bundles (mobile and fixed telephone, mobile and fixed broadband and subscription television), which obtained 46 thousand new customers; to 3P bundles which include fixed telephone, fixed broadband and pay television, with another 28 thousand customers; and to 2P bundles which offer a subscription television service and mobile broadband which captured 26 thousand new subscribers in the quarter.

The most popular bundled services offers continue to be 5P offers (mobile and fixed telephone, fixed and mobile broadband and subscription television), and 3P (fixed telephone, fixed broadband and television) which represent 82.3% of total customers, with around 1.5 million customers each.

Convergent bundles, which combine services provided in a fixed location with mobile services, reached 1.7 million subscribers (3.9% more than the previous semester) and now represent 46.9% of bundled offers.

In this quarter, MEO had the highest share of bundled subscribers (39.9%), followed by the NOS Group (38.5%), Vodafone (16.7%) and NOWO/ONI (4.8%).

The NOS Group continues to lead in the 3P and 4P bundles (with shares of 36.2 and 75.7%, respectively), while MEO led in the 2P and 5P bundles (43.4 and 48%, respectively).

Between January and September 2017, revenues from bundled services increased to 1.3 billion euros, an amount corresponding to an increase of 5.9% compared to that recorded in the same period last year.

MEO had a share of 41.4% of revenues, followed by the NOS Group with 40.6%, Vodafone with 14.7% and NOWO/ONI with 3.3%.

The NOS Group had the highest share of revenues from 3P and 4P bundles (38.9 and 79.4%, respectively) while MEO led the 2P and 5P bundles (38.8 and 48.5%, respectively).

Infographic about Bundles of services

Infographic of bundles of services - electronic communications (at a fixed location)

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