Three million customers receive services in bundles

/ Updated on 09.06.2015

There were three million subscribers to bundles of services in Portugal as at the end of March, 2.6% more than in the previous quarter and increasing 12% over the same quarter of 2014.

It is estimated that about 74 out of every 100 private households had a multiple-play bundle at the end of the 1st quarter, increasing 7 percentage points over the same period of 2014.

Triple/quadruple/quintuple-play bundles represent 82.9% of total bundled offers, and triple-play remains the most common combination (44.4%), followed by quintuple-play (35.7%), which is the combination that has grown the most in recent quarters.

Revenues from bundles of services totalled around 360 million euros in first quarter 2015, about 34% more than the figure recorded in first quarter 2014.

According to Marktest's Barómetro de Telecomunicações (Telecommunications Barometer), during the period being reported, the average monthly bill of households with bundled offers was 52.15 euros including VAT, 4.9% more than as reported for the same period of 2014.
MEO is the provider of bundles of services with the highest share of subscribers (43.7%), followed by Grupo NOS (38.5%), Vodafone (10.9%) and Grupo Altice (6.9%). Grupo NOS leads among double-play bundles, triple-play bundles and quadruple-play bundles, while MEO leads in quintuple-play bundles.

In terms of revenues, MEO has a share of 46.7%; followed by Grupo NOS with 37.1%; Vodafone with 9.8%; and Grupo Altice with 6.3%.
According to Marktest's Barómetro de Telecomunicações (Telecommunications Barometer), 64.5% of the subscribers to bundles of services have no intention of switching provider, while 6.2% indicated their intention to switch operator in the ensuing three months.

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