Number of customers with bundled offers increased 11.7% in 2014

In 2014, the number of subscribers to bundles of telecommunications services in Portugal increased by 11.7% to 2.9 million, representing the addition of 308 thousand new customers, of which nearly a third were acquired in the last quarter of the year.

At the end of the year, around 73 out of every 100 private households had a multiple-play bundle - an increase of 7.9 percentage points from the end of 2013.

At the same time, three out of every five private households had a triple/quadruple/quintuple-play bundle of services.

Triple/quadruple/quintuple-play bundles represent 82.2% of total bundled offers, with triple-play bundles the most common combination, making up 46.5% of the total. Quintuple-play bundles now account for about one-third (33.2%) of all bundled offers, and are the fastest growing type of bundle.

Revenues from bundles of services reached about 1,165 million euros in 2014, 15% more than in the previous year, while average monthly revenue per subscriber was 34.9 euros - an increase of 4.9% versus the same quarter of 2013.

In 4Q14, the average monthly bill of households with bundled offers was 50.79 euros (an increase of 8.1% versus 4Q13) - data from Marktest.

In terms of number of subscribers, PT Comunicações is the provider with the largest share of bundles of services (44.2%), followed by Grupo NOS (38.3%). Vodafone was the operator with the highest growth, increasing its share by 3.8 percentage points to 10.1%. Grupo Altice reported a share of 7.3%. Grupo NOS leads among triple-play bundles and quadruple-play offers, with 39.8% and 62.7%, respectively. PT Comunicações/MEO leads among quintuple-play bundles, with 61.4%.

In terms of revenue, Grupo NOS leads with 43.2%; followed by PT Comunicações/MEO with 41.5%; Vodafone with 8.8% (leading in terms of revenue growth and strengthening its share by 4.3 percentage points); and Grupo Altice with 6.4%. Grupo NOS leads in terms of revenues from triple-play bundles and quadruple-play bundles with 44.7% and 75.9%, respectively, whereas PTC/MEO leads in terms of revenues from double-play bundles (38.2%) and quintuple-play bundles (50.7%).

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