ANACOM and Porto Municipal Council agree DTT protocol

ANACOM and CMP - Câmara Municipal do Porto (Porto Municipal Council) have agreed a cooperation protocol on the provision of information to the population on the transition to digital terrestrial television (DTT), with the aim of ensuring that the migration process is concluded with the least disruption possible. The analogue television signal in Porto will be switched off on 23 February.

The information supplied by ANACOM will be provided by the Council using different means of communication (such as on bills, newsletters and websites), and using staff who work directly with citizens (especially from lower-income population groups). These staff will receive specific training from ANACOM to properly prepare them for the task.

Under the terms of the protocol, Porto Municipal Council will provide the venue and appropriate resources, and also organise an information session on how migration to DTT will work, inviting a number of relevant organisations, especially organisations which work closely with more vulnerable sections of the population who need to be reached with information on the transition process.

The protocol also establishes cooperation mechanisms, setting up the municipality of Porto as a pilot zone to test the SIC - sistema de informação centralizado (centralised information system)  through Associação Porto Digital (Digital Porto Association), an organisation supported by CMP, University of Porto and Associação Empresarial de Portugal (Portuguese Entrepreneurial Association).

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