ANACOM joins the EuRoC - European Rocketry Challenge

ANACOM joined the EuRoC – European Rocketry Challenge, the first rocket launch competition at a European level, with the participation of Patrícia M. Nogueira in the competition's jury, which was held in Ponte de Sôr, between 21 and 25 October 2020, under the 4th edition of the  Portugal Air Summit

As the Space Authority and the Authority responsible for the management of the radioelectric spectrum, ANACOM has followed the first event of this type to be held in Europe from the very beginning.

Inspired by the Spaceport America Cup competition, the EuRoC sought to stimulate and support the university aerospace community to design, build and launch its own rockets. Six European teams were competing: Space Team Aachen (Germany), Project Euler (Switzerland), DanStar (Denmark), Air Esiea (France), The Hound and STR-10 (both from Austria).

In this competition, awards were given in the following categories: rookie of the year, innovation, technical excellence, team spirit, sportsmanship and flight dynamics.

The national participation, before the competition, included the submission of the projects currently underway at Instituto Superior Técnico, at the Faculty of Engineering of Universidade do Porto and at Universidade da Beira Interior.

The EuRoC shall return in 2021, between 12 and 17 October, to Ponte de Sôr, co-organised by PT Space – Agência Espacial Portuguesa [Portuguese Space Agency] and Ponte de Sôr Municipality.

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