Amateur and amateur-satellite services

/ Updated on 30.01.2014

The amateur service is a radiocommunications service that aims for the personal training, intercommunication and technical studies of amateurs, that is, duly authorized persons who have a purely personal and non-financial interest in radio techniques.

The amateur-satellite service is a radiocommunications service with the same purpose as the amateur service, but is distinguished by the fact that it uses space stations on earth satellites.

All persons qualified according to the legislation in force are deemed to be amateurs.

The functioning rules of radiocommunications stations of amateur and amateur-satellite services, as well as rights and obligations of amateurs operating in Portuguese territory, are laid down in a specific legal framework, in force as from 1 June 2009, constituted by Decree-Law no. 53/2009, of 2 March, by procedures approved by ANACOM, as well as by applicable provisions of the National Frequency Allocation Plan (NFAP), namely Annex 6 thereof, which defines the frequency bands and other relevant constraints for the use of spectrum.