Operation of amateur stations near spectrum monitoring infrastructure

In order to reconcile the operation of amateur stations, particularly in the scope of SOTA activities (Summits on the Air), with the proper functioning of ANACOM's spectrum monitoring and control stations (MCE):

  • The use of fixed, mobile or portable amateur stations is prohibited within a 500-metre radius of any of the remote monitoring stations or centres, without prejudice to the restrictions set out in the applicable regulations (Download file áreas geográficas de restrição1).
  • On an exceptional basis, the use of amateur stations in areas of geographical restriction may be authorised upon request. Requests for authorisation should be sent by email to one of the Spectrum Monitoring and Control Centres (CMCE) (Contactos dos Centros de Monitorização e Controlo do Espectrohttps://www.anacom.pt/render.jsp?categoryId=391349), at least five days in advance. This request must include the following information:

a) location of use (kml/kmz file);

b) purpose of use;

c) date/time of commencement of use;

d) date/time of end of use;

e) frequencies that will be used;

f) maximum apparent radiated powers used at each frequency;

g) the person responsible for the use;

h) contact details (telephone and email) of the person responsible the use.

Use of amateur stations within the geographical areas of restriction prior to receiving express authorization from ANACOM is prohibited.

1 File in kmz format; to open - use Google Earth in Chrome browser and import the file previously saved on the desktop.

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