Paging licenses revoked

TMN-Telecomunicações Móveis Nacionais, S.A. paging licenses (n.º ICP-007/TCM and ICP-009/TCM) were revoked following the determination of the Board of Directors of ANACOM, dated 25/07/2002 and the Decision of the Assistant Secretary of State for the Ministry of Economy, dated 05/08/02,respectively. Furthermore and following this decision, the VODAFONE TELECEL license (n.º ICP-010/TCM), related to the same service was also revoked.  
The reason for the paging elimination was the significant decrease in the number of users of this service and the inexistence of new adhesions, the high maintenance costs of the support network and the practical impossibility to benefit the infrastructures. At the same time, the respective functionalities were progressively replaced by new market offers. 
Operators committed themselves to communicate the termination of this service to the respective customers at least 30 days in advance (in accordance with the provisions of subsection g) of paragraph 2 of Article 4 of the Regulations for the Operation of the Public use Telecommunication Services, approved in an annexe to Decree-Law no. 290-B/99, of July 30) as well as to provide alternatives to this service.
The VODAFONE TELECEL paging service was eliminated on 1 February 2002 and the TMN paging service on 31 July 2002.