2001 Statistic Yearbook

/ Updated on 10.01.2003

The most recent Statistic Yearbook edition, containing the communications sector data (telecommunications and postal communications) related to year 2001, is already available.

Apart from an approach on the weight of the sector on the Portuguese economy, the recently published document, also available in paper form, includes all telecommunication services, namely leased lines, fixed telephone service and public pay-phones, mobile services, cable distribution networks, data transmission and Internet access services, audiotext, radiocommunications services and data related to public telecommunication services and the Information Society.  The postal sector has a specific chapter.

Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações (ANACOM) publishes this statistic yearbook since 1998, aiming with this initiative and for the fourth consecutive year to offer the market players and the postal and telecommunication services consumers with accurate data that will allow those who invest, manage and use communications to make up-to-date and well-founded choices. In next edition, ANACOM wishes to include in the content of the yearbook its own communications regulatory and supervision activity.  

This publication is available in the Statisticshttps://www.anacom.pt/template15.jsp?categoryId=50269 area of ANACOM's web site.