ANACOM attends Portugal Air Summit

ANACOM’s Chairman, João Cadete de Matos, took part as keynote speaker at the Portugal Air Summit, on 12 October 2022, at the Ponte de Sor Municipal Aerodrome.

In his speech, João Cadete de Matos recalled that communications and space markets are currently experiencing a special moment, with the implementation of 5G and the new satellite constellations, and how these two technologies can play a relevant role in achieving the goal of any regulator - the promotion of connectivity, i.e. that all citizens and companies have access to quality services anywhere in the country.

This event, which aimed to debate and analyse the potential and future of aviation, aeronautics, space and defence, also featured the participation of Pedro Ferreira, Director of the Board of Directors Support Office, who moderated the panel on “The evolution of the space sector in Portugal”, organised by ANACOM and the Portuguese Space Agency.


Presentation by João Cadete de Matos at the Portugal Air Summit


Pedro Ferreira (left) moderates the panel on “The evolution of the space sector in Portugal”


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