RSPG CC meeting - August 2020

A videoconference meeting of the RSPG’s working group to help combat Climate Changes (RSPG CC) was held last 31 August. The aim was to identify and make proposals regarding how policies associated to spectrum can help ongoing efforts to fight climate change.

The following subjects were discussed:

  • Preparation of the online workshop on this group’s work theme, scheduled for 18 and 21 September 2020, which key sector representatives will be invited to;
  • The document begun by Portugal on how the RSPG itself can contribute to a better environment and which may result in changing the group’s working methods;
  • Revision of the texts referring to seven topics that will be included in the RSPG opinion on this group’s subject area, namely:

Topic 1: Possibilities to decrease the GHG emissions of wireless technologies;

Topic 2: Possibilities for wireless solutions to help sectors (other than communications) become more environmentally friendly;

Topic 3: Spectrum usages relevant for monitoring climate change or gathering climate-related data;

Topic 4: EU Green Deal (summary of the issues relevant for the spectrum policy);

Topic 5: The legal basis for monitoring the climate protection measurements in spectrum management;

Topic 6: Possible administrative instruments for spectrum management and climate mitigation;

Topic 7: Discussion of possible issues associated with introducing climate protection aspects in spectrum management.

The next meeting will be a videoconference scheduled for late October.