Prior hearing on the reduction of Fibroglobal prices

/ Updated on 19.12.2017

By decision of 24 November 2017, ANACOM has submitted a draft decision of the Portuguese State (as public contractor in contracts relating to high-speed networks for the Central and Azores regions, concluded with Fibroglobal) on "The analysis of the pricing of wholesale offers supported over rural high-speed networks and the proposal to reduce the prices of Fibroglobal's offers", to a prior hearing of interested parties.

This decision follows up on and responds to a request of the Portuguese Government, which, as public contractor, confirmed its concordance with the facts, reasoning, conclusions and proposal for action contained in the analysis submitted by ANACOM on 20 October 2017 (approved by ANACOM on 19 October 2017).

The prior hearing will be held over a period of fifteen working days and seeks comments from Fibroglobal, as well as from all other providers of electronic communications services included in the register maintained by ANACOM. These comments should be sent by email to rav@anacom.ptmailto:rav@anacom.pt1 and, where confidential information is included, a non-confidential version should also be sent by email, in compliance with the requirements set forth in ANACOM determination of 17 November 2011

1 Each email may contain one or more files as long as the total size of all files does not exceed 10 megabytes and, if necessary, comments may be divided into two or more emails.


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