76th WG SE meeting - May 2017

The Swiss city of Lucerne hosted last 8-12 May the 76th meeting of the ECC working group on Spectrum Engineering (WG SE), attended by nearly 48 participants, including the observer from the European Communications Office (ECO) and representatives of industry and operators.

Draft ECC Report 267 on “Coexistence of Wideband Ultra-Low Power Wireless Medical Capsule Endoscopy Application Operating in the Frequency Band 430-440 MHz” was sent for public consultation. This report concerns the operating conditions of capsules for wireless applications, specifically for use in endoscopies.

Project team 7 (PTSE7) continues to study the introduction of long term evolution (LTE) in the 410-430 MHz and 450-470 MHz frequency bands, including narrowband/internet of things based on LTE and the latest technology for professional mobile radio. For the time being the working document is quite advanced, although several studies must still be reconsidered to reconcile the conclusions.

PTSE19, concerning fixed service (FS), continues work on two recommendations (for the 92-114.25 GHz and 167-174.8 GHz) bands, as well as the respective report.

PTSE21 continues to analyse changes to standards effected by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (Radio Spectrum  Matters group). PTSE21 was also mandated to begin the review of Recommendation ERC/REC 74-01, based on ECC Report 249 on “Unwanted Emissions of Common Radio Systems: measurements and use in sharing/compatibility studies”.

PTSE24 was mandated with two new tasks: analysis of the introduction of local radio networks in 5925-6425 MHz (task SE24_62), as well as additional studies for the introduction of applications (500mW, Automatic Power Control, Duty Cycle=2.5%, and Duty Cycle for network access points – NAPS=10%) in the first interrogator channel of radio frequency identification equipment.

PTSE40, concerning satellite service, was mandated for a new task in order to analyse new fixed satellite service technologies in FS, in the 27.5-29.5 GHz band. Because these two services operate in different channels, and given the needs to carry more traffic, they aim to analyse whether it is technically possible to operate in FS channels.

The next WG SE meeting is scheduled for 25-29 September 2017 in Sibu, Romania.