Presentation of ANACOM-URSI Portugal Prize and Best Student Paper Award (2016 edition)

As part of the 10th Congress of the Portuguese Committee of URSI, José Perdigoto, Vice-Chair of ANACOM's Board of Directors, presented the ANACOM-URSI Portugal Prize and Best Student Paper Award (2016 edition); the first of these awards seeks to encourage creativity and rigour in scientific research work in Portugal and the second seeks to encourage young authors.

The winner of the ANACOM-URSI Portugal Prize was announced as Ricardo Correia, of the Department of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics of the University of Aveiro, for his work "Quadrature Amplitude Modulation Backscatter for Passive Wireless Sensors".

The paper proposes the introduction of a wireless passive sensor which does not require the use of batteries. To this end, use is made of a sensor that uses one frequency for transferring data (obtained by the sensor) and one frequency for receiving energy from transmitters.

As regards the Best Student Paper Award, first place went to Miguel Monteiro, Master's student at Instituto Superior Técnico (Higher Technical Institute), for the work "Load Balancing on Auto-optimized 4th generation networks (LTE)".

Second place was awarded to Marta Veríssimo, Master's student at the Instituto Superior Técnico, for her work "Capacity Assessment on Multi-Service UMTS/HSPA Networks Based on Real Performance Statistics" and third place to Andreia Costa, Master's student at the University of Aveiro for her work "Antenna Array to Increase the Communication Range of UAV".