73rd WG SE meeting - Bergen

The 73rd meeting of the ECC Spectrum Engineering working group (WG SE) was held last 25-29 April in Bergen, Norway, attended by about 50 participants, including the observer from the European Communications Office (ECO) and representatives of industry and/or operators: ANITEC, APWPT, ASP, Bolt & Yurdal Consulting ApS, Car 2 Car Communication Consortium, EUROCONTROL, Danish Energy Agency, Ericsson, Ministry of Defence (France), Ministry of Defence - NARFA Poland, Inmarsat, Orange, Robert Bosch GmbH and TeliaSonera.

The following documents were approved, after consultation phase:

  • Draft ECC Report 250 “Compatibility studies between TTT/DSRC in the band 5805-5815 MHz and other systems”;
  • Draft ECC Report 249 “Unwanted emissions of common radio systems: measurements and use in sharing/compatibility studies”;
  • Draft ECC report on 251 “The impact of UWB applications on board aircraft in the band 6-8.5 GHz on FS links used around airports and on EESS earth stations”;
  • Draft ECC Report 252 on “SEAMCAT User Manual”.

The following documents were adopted on a preliminary basis and forwarded for public consultation:

  • Draft ECC Report 246 on “Wideband and Higher DC Short Range Devices in 870-875.8 MHz and 915.2-920.8 MHz (companion to ECC Report 200)”;
  • Draft ECC Report 253 on “Compatibility studies for audio PMSE in the band 1492 1525 MHz”.

Work by WG SE project team 7 (PT SE7) regarding compatibility for the introduction of programme making and special events equipment in the 1492-1525 MHz bands was completed; the report is now in public consultation.

PT SE7 also received the mandate to analyse the introduction of broadband - public protection and disaster relief in the 410-430 MHz band and long term evolution (LTE) - mobile/fixed communications (MFCN) in the 450-470 MHz band.

Regarding work by the project team on Fixed Service, it is still drawing up the report on the questionnaire that was sent out, concerning eventual use of MIMO technologies for fixed service, given the interest shown by manufacturers and operators. The questionnaire on fixed service uses in bands above 50 GHz is almost finished.

As for work in the ambit of short range equipment (in PT SE24), notable work is being done in the scope of the 5 GHz mandate for wireless access systems/local radio network, whose part 1 of the report was approved. Regarding part 2 of the mandate, specifically analysis of the mitigation techniques (being drawn up by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute), as well as eventual use of LTE-U/LAA technology, and given the approaching deadline to finish the studies set by the European Commission, as well as the lack of data, WG SE has forwarded the document to the Frequency Management working group and to the Conference Preparatory Group (which leads WRC-19 agenda item AI.1.16).

The group’s next meeting will be held this coming 26-30 September in Bled, Slovenia.