1. The application

Further to the application for transfer of the local programme service known as "Liz FM", broadcasting at 101.3 MHz, in the municipality of Leiria, and of the corresponding license for pursuit of the radio broadcasting activity, presented by Emissora Regional de Leiria - Radio Liz, CRL. (hereinafter referred to as Radio Liz), the Regulatory Authority for the Media (ERC), by means of a letter received on 2 March 2016, submitted the respective file to the examination of ANACOM, so that this Authority, under the combined terms of paragraph 9 of article 4 and paragraph 7 of article 22 of Law No. 54/2010, of 24 December (the Radio Law), rules on the transfer of the right of use for frequencies allocated to that body for the provision of a publicly available radio broadcasting service, of a local scope, in the municipality of Leiria.

According to the corresponding investigation file, Radio Liz requested ERC’s authorization to transfer its local programme service to Record FM - Sociedade de Meios Audiovisuais de Sintra, Unipessoal Lda. on the following grounds:

«...it no longer meets the minimum requirements for financial management of the Radio, with the limitations a cooperative shows, thus the transfer of the programme service to another company with experience in the field seems to be a viable solution to safeguard the licensed project, the municipality of Leiria maintaining its local radio service.»

The application for transfer of the programme service is part of a set of applications submitted to ERC (as the documentation sent by ERC best indicates) on authorization for transfer of shares and for change of programme service names, as well as on the approval of the implementation of new programming schedules, the aim of which is to establish a programme service partnership (under article 11 of the Radio Law).

Nevertheless, if, for whatever reason, the establishment of the referred partnership is not admitted, the applicant explicitly requests ERC to analyse and authorize the transfer of the “Liz FM” programme service.