WG SE PT43 meeting - Geneva

The eighth meeting of project team (PT) 43 of the Spectrum Engineering working group (WG SE) was held last 8-10 December 2010 in Geneva. This PT is responsible for determining the technical requisites for the operation of cognitive radio (CR) equipment/systems in spectrum not used by digital terrestrial networks (DTT), the so-called white-space devices (WSD), as well as equipment for programme making and special events (PMSE), in the 740-790 MHz band.

This meeting’s main agenda point involved the resolution of comments received during the public consultation on draft ECC Report 159, produced by the group last year and concerning the introduction of cognitive technologies in spectrum not used by broadcasting (WSD). The report’s amended version will be forwarded to WG SE for final approval and publication.

The group also drew up a list of issues that should be taken into account in future work, in order to decide whether to continue the group or temporarily suspend it.