Inspection - market surveillance

/ Updated on 27.09.2006

ANACOM has inspection powers in compliance with Decree-Law no. 192/2000, of August 18, without prejudice to powers attributed to other entities.

For this purpose ANACOM shall analyse the marking, instruction manuals and attached information of the apparatus, as well as analyse the technical documentation (manuals, construction technical dossiers and declarations of conformity), in order to check compliance with the requirements established in the said diploma.

In addition to this, ANACOM shall retrieve apparatus in order to conduct laboratory tests (in laboratories that have been accredited for this purpose).

The inspected entities are obliged to supply ANACOM or the entities mandated by it to verify apparatus and network termination points with the information required for the verification and inspection of the obligations established within the R&TTE regulatory framework. In this context, the inspected entities shall also facilitate access to the respective installations and documentation (in accordance with article 31 of Decree-Law no. 192/2000, of August 18).

Though its market surveillance and inspection activities, ANACOM ensures that equipment placed in the market increasingly conforms with established requirements and satisfies consumer needs.