Notice of 20.05.2004, published on 1 of June

Ministério da Economia (Ministry of Economy)

ICP - Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações (ICP - National Communications Authority)


In compliance with the provisions contained in paragraph no. 2 of article 29 of Law no.  5/2004, of 10 February - Electronic Communications Law - ANACOM discloses that the list of rules and specifications, referred to in paragraph no. 1 of the same provisions, regarding the harmonised offer of electronic communication networks and services as well as the associated resources and services prepared by the European Commission was published in the European Union Official Journal no. C331, of 31 December 2002, with the reference (2002/C 331/04), the respective text being available in the website www.anacom.pt

Namely, we hereby disclose that the relevant rules for the purpose of the provisions contained in paragraph no. 4 of article 78 and paragraph no. 5 of article 103, both of Law no. 5/2004, are foreseen in the above-mentioned EU list in Chapter VI regarding the rules for the electronic communications networks set up for the distribution of digital broadcasting services, including its associated resources, which are as follows:

Conditional access systems:

DVB-Simulcrypt; head-end architecture implementation and synchronisation (DVB-SIM):

ATSI TS 101 197;
ETSI TS 103 197.

Encryption use support and conditioned access without digital broadcasting systems (DVB-CS):


Common interface specifications for conditional access and other decoder applications DVB (DVB-CI) as well as a relevant implementation guide:

Cenelec EN 50221;
Cenelec R206-001.

Consumption TV equipment interoperability:

Open interface for analogue TV sets, for instance peritel connector:

Cenelec EN 50049-1.

Open interface for digital TV sets, for instance common interface:

Cenelec EN 50049-1/A1.

Open interface for receptor/integrated decoder DVB:

ETSI TS 102 201.

20 May 2004. - The Chairman of the Board of Directors, Álvaro Dâmaso.