Amendment of the decision to transfer rights of use for numbers held by ZON to NOS

By order of 6 May 2016, ANACOM approved the amendment of the decision on the transfer to Optimus Comunicações - now NOS Comunicações (NOS) - of rights of use for numbers held by ZON TV Cabo Portugal.

As such, point b) of paragraph 4 and paragraph 5 of the referred decision approved by order of 14 May 2014, and amended by order of 8 May 2015, now read as follows:

  • Paragraph 4 b)

    “To establish the following time-limits, starting on the date of approval of the final decision, for the return to ANACOM of the following types of resources:
      • (...)
      • Three years for the return of one or two numbers of Access to the Customer Support Service: 1610, 1693 or 1699.”;
  • Paragraph 5

    “To establish a time-limit of two years and six months for Optimus - Comunicações, S. A. to return an NRN (Network Routing Number) to ANACOM: “D010” or “D099”.

NOS was also ordered to submit information on a quarterly basis, by the fifth day of the of the following month, detailing the project status, foreseeable developments and timetable, showing that these issues are consistent with the return of 16xy resource(s) by the deadline established in point b) of paragraph 4 of the referred decision.

ANACOM further decided to waive the prior hearing of NOS as regards this amendment.