DTT campaign 2011-2012

/ Updated on 16.09.2013

Between November 2011 and May 2012, ANACOM ran an awareness campaign on the transition from analogue to digital television (DTT) in Portugal.

The campaign sought to ensure that the population took measures to ensure that they would be able to continue receiving television signals after the transition and that people had the information they needed to prepare for DTT, so that the transition would be a simple and positive experience.

The campaign was developed in 3 waves:

  • First wave - from 28.11.2011 to 12.12.2011
  • Second wave - from 02.01.2012 to 17.01.2012
  • Third wave - from 12.04.2012 to 01.05.2012

RTP collaborated with ANACOM in disseminating the campaign, by providing free space for insertions in RTP2, RTP Azores, RTP Madeira and RTP International, as well as on the radio stations belonging to the group, broadcasting the ad more frequently in RTP1, beyond the contracted insertions.

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