Digital television

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    What is DVB-T?

    DVB-T stands for the Digital Video Broadcasting - Terrestrial standard.

  2. 2
    What is a Zapper?

    Zapper is a simple set-top box which allows you to view the channels, but with limited features and information about current and future programming.

  3. 3
    What is DVR?

    DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder.

  4. 4
    What is HD?

    HD stands for High Definition.

  5. 5
    What is PVR?

    PVR stands for Personal Video Recorder. With a PVR set-top box, you can record, stop and restart broadcasts.

  6. 6
    What is DVD?

    DVD stands for Digital Video Disc.

  7. 7
    What is a set-top box?

    A set-top box is a decoder which connects your television set to an external signal source (cable Ethernet, coaxial cable, telephone line or traditional aerial); it transforms this signal so that your television set can show the broadcasts.

  8. 8
    What is HDMI?

    HDMI stands for High-Definition Multimedia Interface; it transmits digital video and audio between the set-top box and the television set. HDMI is required to watch TV in high definition.

  9. 9
    What is an interface?

    An interface is a device used to exchange information between two systems.

  10. 10
    What does SCART mean?

    SCART is the name given to the interface with 21-pin plugs, used to connect audio video equipment, gaming systems, DVD players, video recorders, set-top boxes and other equipment to televisions.

  11. 11
    What's a VCR?

    VCR stands for Video Cassette Recorder.

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    What is the UHF band?

    UHF stands for Ultra High Frequency. It refers to the band of frequencies from 300MHz to 3GHz. It is a frequency band commonly used for the transmission of television signals.