Subjects on DTT among those drawing the most visits to ANACOM's website

In the twelve month period ending in September 2009, on the Portuguese version of ANACOM's website, the 100 top content pages drawing the most visits on the website of ANACOM - Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações - www.anacom.pt - attracted a total of around 1,166 visits. Subjects related to digital terrestrial television were by far the most popular, with the number of visits to content related to this issue making up over a third of the total visits during the period.

If the most visited titles are considered individually, the Frequently Asked Questions led with 38,146 visits, followed by Interactive Electronic Services with 28,958 visits and Complaint Books with 20,166 visits recorded during the period.

The list of the ten most visited content pages between September 2008 and September 2009 is completed by: Clarifications and complaints; Tariff Consultation; ITED Technicians; Accessibility; Decree-Law no. 555/99 of 16 December; ANACOM's website customisation service; and the list of Amateur Station call signs.