2009 ANACOM Conference ''20 Years Later: Why Regulate?''

30.09.2009 LisboaAuditório da Culturgest

Updated on 30.09.2009
Organizer: ANACOM

On 30th September at Lisbon’s Culturgest, ANACOM hosted an International Conference on the issue "20 Years Later: Why Regulate?". All relevant information on the conference can be found here.

ANACOM celebrates its twentieth anniversary on 6 November, the date on which the first Board of Directors of Instituto das Comunicações de Portugal (ICP), as ANACOM was then known, took up office. The 3rd annual ANACOM Conference is a key event marking this anniversary.

The Conference is an opportunity for joint reflection on the major issues currently facing regulation of the communications sector, including reflection on the challenges of the future, which already need to be anticipated and addressed.

It is intended that this reflection take account of the lessons of a past marked by profound transformation, in terms of both telecommunications and postal services. As one of the world’s oldest regulators of the communications sector, and the second oldest in Europe, this Authority is in the privileged position of being a key witness to the unfolding of this transformation.

Event location

Latitud: 38º44'23.29"N · Longitud: 9º8'26.11"W


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