Technical Co-operation Working Group Meeting - Panama City

The working group on Technical Co-operation (WG TC) of the Postal Union of the Americas, Spain and Portugal (UPAEP) met last 5-6 March in Panama. The gathering, chaired by Costa Rica, was pursuant to the WG TC action plan; the result of its work will be presented in the form of reports and proposals to Consultative and Executive Council (CEC) in April and to the 21st UPAEP Congress in August.

The aims of this meeting included consideration of the tasks imposed on this group by CEC'08 (assess recommendations from the February 2008 seminar in Chile, review transitional articles in the Technical Co-operation Regulation and prepare the Co-operation Colloquium to be held during CEC'09), evaluation of the UPAEP technical co-operation process and production of improvement proposals to be submitted to CEC'09 and the 21st Congress.

As technical co-operation is the UPAEP's transversal focus, the Strategic Planning (WG SP) and UPAEP Future Development (WG FD) working groups also contributed to the work of WG TC. The contribution of WG FD was presented by Portugal, which chairs this group.

The work of WG TC continues by electronic means and the date of the next physical meeting has yet to be set. As previously, it should be held in the week of the CEC meetings, between this coming 20 and 24 April.