ANACOM approves 2009 interconnection prices

ANACOM - Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações has approved the Reference Interconnection Offer (RIO) for 2009, with retroactive effect from 1st January.

According to the decision of the regulator, the prices for origination and termination of calls will be maintained, while the price of pre-selection activation is set at 3.18 euros.

ANACOM has further decided to launch a comprehensive investigation into the services of billing, charging and bad debt liability; portability; and pre-selection. If the investigation results in significant changes to the current prevailing conditions, ANACOM will determine the necessary amendments to the RIO, with retroactive effect from 1 January 2009.

According to the determination of the regulator, the prices of call activation remain at 0.49 eurocents for the local level, 0.52 eurocents for single tandem, and 0.62 eurocents for double tandem. The price per minute for origination and termination, with per second billing from the first second is 0.38 eurocents, 0.58 eurocents and 0.99 eurocents, depending on whether the level is local, single tandem and double tandem. During off-peak times, the price is 0.19 eurocents, 0.29 eurocents and 0.53 eurocents respectively - all prices are given excluding VAT.

In the case of the service of billing, charging and bad debt liability, the maximum prices established in the RIO in 2008, which remain in force in 2009, is 2.90 eurocents, per call, for call services where the cost borne by the caller does not exceed Local PTC; and 3.17 eurocents, per call, for other special charged services.

The price of portability per individual number will remain at 4.01 euros, applying with respect to blocks of up to 10 numbers. The amount is reduced to 1.47 euros for blocks of up to 100 numbers, and to 0.73 euros for blocks of up to 1,000 numbers.

ANACOM is allowing Portugal Telecom Comunicações a period of 10 working days to make amendments to the Proposed Reference Interconnection Offer of 2009, in order to implement the changes determined by the regulator.