Liberalised postal services traffic grows 16% in 4th quarter 2008

Traffic from postal services operated in competition totalled 71,6 million items during the fourth quarter of 2008, representing 23% of the quarter's total postal traffic. This figure represents growth of 16% over the previous quarter and a fall of 7.4% over the fourth quarter of 2007. There is typically an increase in the last quarter of the year due to the Christmas period.

During the quarter being reported, the volume of national postal traffic, which represented 93% of total postal traffic, totalled around 66,9 million objects, while outgoing international traffic registered 4,7 million objects, representing 7% of the total.

National traffic, which rose by 17.3% over the previous quarter, was the main contributor to the rise in postal traffic seen in the quarter. The increase in national traffic is explained by trends in editorial mail, addressed publicity and addressed correspondence of the CTT group. Meanwhile, international outgoing traffic fell by 1.3%, impacted by the downward trend seen for editorial mail of providers covered by the express mail category.

Compared to the same quarter of 2007, traffic fell by 7.4% due, above all, to the fall seen in national and international correspondence and addressed publicity of CTT.

In the liberalised area, CTT group was responsible for around 92% of national traffic and for around 83% of outgoing international traffic.

In this period, 5,5 million of the total 71,6 million liberalised postal objects fell within the express mail category, representing for around 8% of total traffic, while the other categories accounted for remaining 66 million items.

Express mail traffic grew by 14.3% compared to 3Q08 and by 10.6% compared to the same quarter of 2007. Non-express services grew significantly over the quarter but fell in year-on-year terms.

In terms of the offer structure, the companies of CTT group retained a share of 44.5% of express mail traffic and 95.6% of non-express mail traffic.