ANACOM receives over 33 thousand complaints in 2008

In 2008, ANACOM received, in writing, 33,814 complaints, 421 requests for information, 123 petitions, 34 suggestion and 287 other types of communications, making a total of 34,679 requests. The number of registered complaints reflects an increase of 36% compared to 2007, which is due in good part to the increase in the volume of complaints entered in complaint books.

From the registered complaints, 75% of complaints were entered in complaint books, 18% were sent by email or via ANACOM's online services, and 7% sent by letter or fax.

As in previous years, the electronic communications sector remains the sector most cited in complaints - both in terms of complaints addressed to ANACOM (7,679 out of 8,051), and in terms  of the complaint books (18,420 out of 24,994). The sector gave rise to a total of 26,099 complaints, about 79% of the total. The postal sector accounted for about 20% of complaints.

With respect to electronic communications, the Internet access service gave rise to the largest number of complaints per 1,000 customers, at 5.93; followed closely by the telephone service at a fixed location, with 2.46 complaints received per 1,000 inhabitants, and the cable television distribution service, with 2.6.

In the electronic communications sector and with respect to complaint books, the most commonly cited issues in complaints were those related to equipment, technical assistance, customer services and billing. In terms of complaints addressed directly to this Authority, the most commonly cited issues were related to billing (particularly due to mistakes on bills), contracts (especially due to changes made to contracts) and technical support.

As far as the postal sector is concerned, the correspondence service gave rise to the largest number of complaints (about half of total complaints). And while the most common issue giving rise to the complaints addressed directly to this Authority were related to loss and delay in delivery of mail, the vast majority of situations cited in complaint books were related to problems associated with Customer Service.

With regard to requests received by ANACOM's Public Attendance Service, 7,319 requests were registered, of which 6,622 corresponded to complaints and the remaining 697 to requests for information. The vast majority of requests were presented using the telephone and focused on the electronic communications sector, and it is of note that most referred to the telephone service at a fixed location.