International Comparisons of Leased Lines Prices - January 2003

/ Updated on 17.05.2007

Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações (ANACOM) has undertaken a study comparing the price of the leased lines service (price of installation and monthly rental ) provided by PT Comunicações (PTC) arising from the deliberation by the Board of Directors of ANACOM of 26/12/02 and the most recent prices charged by the incumbent operators in the other countries of the European Union (EU).

The study shows that in overall terms, these prices are 29% lower than the average of the prices charged by the incumbent operators in the other 14 EU Member States.

The study addresses analogue circuits and 64 Kbps digital, 2 Mbps digital and 34 Mbps digital circuits. The price of the basket  of national digital circuits (64 Kbps, 2 Mbps and 34 Mbps) is 30% below the average of the values implemented by other similar operators, whereas the basket of national analogue circuits is 8% above said average. However, it can be seen that these play a less important part.

With regard to the monthly subscription, this is also available at prices lower than the average prices charged in the Community. For 64 Kbps national digital circuits, the price differences are of between 18 and 38% for renting 400 km and 2 Km circuits, respectively, and for 2 Mbps national digital circuits the differences are of between 15 and 38% for 400 km and 2 Km circuits, respectively.

ANACOM has regularly published international comparisons of the prices of leased lines on the "Studies and Reports" page in the "leased lines" area.