Personal Radio Service - Citizen Band (CB) free-circulation agreement renewed

By determination of 14 November 2002, Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações (ANACOM) decided to renew the multilateral agreement on the free circulation of mobile and portable radiocommunications stations of the Personal Radio Service - Citizen Band (CB) until 31 December 2005. This agreement enter into force on 1 January 2003.

Simultaneously, it was also approved the Circulation Card model that the national citizens of the countries that signed the agreement (Belgium, France, Germany, Liechtenstein, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain and Switzerland,) may use in their temporary stays  in the adhering States. This Circulation Card is issued by the respective Administrations whenever a national citizen wishes to get an authorization to transport and use a mobile/portable CB-station   in their stays for less than one month, within any of the countries that signed the agreement.
The CB-station equipment covered by the free circulation regime within the scope of the ERC/DEC/(95)01 Decision is excluded from this multilateral agreement.

For further information consult the "Radiocommunications Service" area of ANACOM's web site.