Alterations to be adopted in the scope of the RIO 2006

/ / Updated on 31.01.2007

Draft decision of ANACOM regarding alterations to be adopted in the scope of RIO 2006

On 30/09/2005, PT Comunicações (PTC) submitted an offer to ICP-ANACOM, regarding prices to be practiced in the scope of the Reference Interconnection Offer, to be in force for 2006 (RIO 2006).

Having assessed the offer, ANACOM takes the view that it does not comply with the principle of cost orientation of prices, as far as the prices altered below are concerned.

Thus, having regard to the grounds presented in the analysis which is an integral part of the process, in compliance with the provision of paragraph 3 of article 68 of Law no.  5/2004, of 10 February, the Board of Directors of ANACOM has determined to grant a prior hearing to interested parties, under articles 100 and 101 of the Code of Administrative Procedure, having established a 10-day time limit for the assessment in writing, on the part of these entities, of the determination intended to be adopted, which reads as follows:

PT Comunicações shall amend, within a 10-day time limit, the Reference Interconnection Offer for 2006 (RIO 2006), in order to introduce the following alterations:

1. The maximum prices for call termination and origination services shall be as follows:

Price per minutePrice per minute
Local 0.64 0.41 0.64 0.41
Simple Tandem 0.93 0.59 0.93 0.59
Double Tandem 1.44 0.89 1.44 0.89

Price per minute, based on a 3-minute call; figures in Euro cents, VAT not included.

Call set-up prices should not exceed 0.58 Euro cents for interconnection at Local level, 0.67 Euro cents for Single Tandem interconnection and 0,77 Euro cents for Double Tandem interconnection, these charges being applicable for call termination and call origination services. Calls shall be charged per second as from the first second.  Peak Hours comprise the period from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. on working days, and Off-peak hours regard the remaining periods.

2. The maximum prices for invoicing, collection and bad debt liability service shall be as follows:

(a) 3.00 Euro cents, per call, for shared cost call services, where the cost to be borne by the caller is equivalent, at the most, to Local PT (as defined in the PTC tariff);

(b) 3.36 Euro cents, per call, for the remaining non-free special services, namely customer support services, information services, universal access services, and shared cost call services, where the user bears a cost higher than that of a local call made in the scope of the Universal Service, provided by electronic communications services operators/providers.

3. The conditions established for the RIO shall make clear, as regards the invoicing, collection and bad debt liability service, that prices referred comprise the bad debt liability component.

4. Pre-selection activation price shall not exceed € 5.1.

5. The price of portability per individual number shall not exceed € 13.6.

6. The current RIO provisions on interconnection circuits services and leased lines interconnection services shall be fully maintained, without prejudice to integrated reviews ICP-ANACOM may carry out in the scope of RIO and/or SLRO.

7. PTC shall alter the composition of management, operation and maintenance services, eliminating the price of the cancellation service of circuits in an interconnection beam. Maximum prices are listed in the table below:

ServiceMaximum price
Base priceAdditional price per prefix
Creation of a new interconnection beam € 92.6  
Broadening of the interconnection circuits of a geographical point of interconnection, with and without replacement of transmission equipment € 52.5  
Transfer of circuits between interconnection beams connected to the same PTC switch € 52.5  
Transfer of circuits between interconnection beams connected to different PTC switches € 88.7  
Opening of access to new services of PT € 64.8  
Changes in tariffs € 545.3  
Changes in signalling traffic routing € 129.6  
Alteration of voice traffic routing, where requested routing is the same as /different from other existent prefixes € 64.8 € 32.4
  € 64.8
Opening of services/block of numbers/ OSP NRN of the PTC network, where requested routing is the same as /different from other existent prefixes € 566.3 € 598.7
  € 663.5

8. Maximum prices established herein shall enter into force on 1 January 2006.