Technical Co-operation WG - Lisbon

/ Updated on 31.08.2006

After the meeting of the working group on the Future of the UPAEP, and given the presence of some of its members, an informal meeting of the working group on Technical Co-operation was held on 8 March in Lisbon, attended by representatives of Brazil, Canada, Chile, Cuba, Mexico, Panama, Portugal, Spain and the United States of America.

The delegates decided to submit comments to the chair of the Technical Co-operation WG (Costa Rica) concerning the reformulated version of the Technical Co-operation regulation. Some delegates were displeased with the fact that same, among other aspects, did not consider comments already put forward by the Group members, and that it also considered some resolutions previously revoked at the Rio de Janeiro Congress. And besides, this version implies significant changes to the Technical Co-operation Manual. Portugal and Spain agreed to continue their work based on the Portuguese version, which was not considered by the working group chair.

The countries agreed to send their contributions to the working group members by 3 April.