In May, telecommunication prices up by 0.3% compared with the previous month

In May 2024, telecoms prices, as measured by the relevant Consumer Price Index (CPI) group, increased by 0.3% on the previous month due to changes in bundled offers.

Compared with the same month last year, telecom prices rose by 6.7%. This was 3.6 p.p. (percentage points) higher than the CPI (3.1%). It should be remembered that ANACOM has recommended that operators limit price increases for 2024

The average rate of change in telecom prices over the last twelve months was 5.4%, 2.9 p.p. higher than the CPI (2.6%). This was the highest rate since August 1994.

In terms of services, the average rate of change over the last twelve months in Portugal was 6.0% for bundled services and 5.2% for mobile telephone services, according to Eurostat data.

In international terms, the average rate of change of telecom prices in Portugal over the last twelve months was 4.5 p.p. higher than in the European Union, where the rate was 1.0%. Portugal recorded the 3rd highest price change (25th lowest) among the EU27 countries. The highest price increase was observed in Hungary (+12.4%), while the largest decrease was recorded in Malta (-8.5%).

On a sub-group basis, the average rates of change over the last 12 months for bundled services and mobile telephone services in Portugal were 3.6 p.p. and 6.0 p.p. respectively above the EU average.

From a long-term perspective and in cumulative terms, telecom prices have increased by 22.8% since the end of 2009, while the CPI has increased by 31.3%. Over the same period, however, telecom prices in the EU fell by 8.0%.

On an operator basis, the lowest monthly charges were offered by NOWO in seven cases across a range of 11 services/offers, while MEO and Vodafone each had the lowest monthly charges for two types of service/offer.

For example, NOWO had the lowest minimum monthly charge for the standalone mobile service (EUR 6.25) and for the triple-play (EUR 26.25) and quadruple-play (EUR 32.50) bundles, while Vodafone had the lowest minimum monthly charge for the quintuple-play offer (EUR 64.10).

In absolute terms and according to EUROSTAT, the price level of commnications in Portugal was 10.9% above the EU average in 2023 (11th place among the EU countries with the highest communications prices).

Communications (+10.9%), household equipment (+2.7%) and food (+1.8%) were the only product groups in Portugal with price levels above the EU average.

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