Debate on the relationship between communications and sustainable development

Digitalisation and technological development have led to a paradigm shift in the communications sector. How does this transformation relate to sustainability and to the pursuit of the United Nations 2030 Agenda and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?

This will be the central topic of debate at the 14th CPLP Communications Forum, to be held on 26 June at the Dr. António Cupertino de Miranda Foundation in Oporto. The event, dedicated to “The Sustainable Development Goals and the Communications Sector”, is jointly organised by ANACOM and the Association of Communications and Telecommunications Regulators of the CPLP (ARCTEL).

Issues such as decarbonising communications, increasing the energy efficiency of networks and services, and the innovative solutions being explored by academia and adopted by industry and communications and postal operators will be discussed.

Attendance is free and open to anyone interested in the topic and in the communications sector, subject to registration by 24 June 2024 and venue capacity.