The state of telecommunications in Portugal and the EU in 2023

Electronic communications are increasingly indispensable to modern society. Every day, businesses and individuals rely on telecommunications to support their activities. On the day dedicated to telecommunications and the information society, ANACOM takes a look at communications in Portugal in 2023 and how it compares with the European Union (EU).

In 2023, 89% of Portuguese households had fixed or mobile Internet access (93% in the EU). Portugal was the 4th EU country with the highest proportion of ultrafast fixed broadband access (advertised download speed of 100 Mbps or more). Fixed broadband usage in enterprises was 95% (94% in the EU) and mobile broadband was 86% in 2022, with Portugal reaching the European average in that year.

In terms of the use of over-the-top services (Internet-based communications), Portugal is ahead of the EU in the use of instant messaging services (79% in PT, 75% in the EU) and voice and video calls (71% in PT, 69% in the EU). Other services stand out among Internet users, such as social networking (79% in PT, 65% in the EU) and searching for information on products or services (85% in PT, 70% in the EU). The use of Internet banking by Internet users in Portugal (67%) was close to the EU average (70%).

In terms of e-commerce, the percentage of Internet users in Portugal who have purchased/ordered online is close to the EU average (51% in PT, 63% in the EU).

Nevertheless, 12% of the population have never used the Internet (6% in the EU) and 26% of Portuguese have never made an online purchase (Portugal ranks 5th in the EU).

The state of telecommunications in Portugal and the EU in 2023 

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