ANACOM, DGC and ECC set up a website with information on telecommunications to help foreign citizens living in Portugal

Today, on World Telecommunications and Information Society Day, Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações (ANACOM), DGC - Direção-Geral do Consumidor (Directorate-General for the Consumer) and the European Consumer Centre (ECC) are launching the website Link externo. (Communication For Expats). Alongside an information campaign, also being launched today, the aim is to provide foreign consumers moving to Portugal, temporarily or permanently, with information and clarifications about using electronic communications services in the country.

Portugal has become an increasingly attractive destination for foreign consumers, including digital nomads, remote workers, Erasmus students and other professionals who choose to live here. It is estimated that there are already more than 250 thousand foreign users of electronic communications services in Portugal who do not speak Portuguese. However, these consumers face challenges, such as being able to understand the terms and conditions in contracts for services which are essential for personal and professional life, including electronic communications services.

The website Link externo. is the result of an innovative initiative by these three organisations, offering answers to frequently asked questions about telecommunications services and much more. The information campaign, which features the new website, will also include videos on practical questions faced by these consumers. These videos and the website itself will be promoted by the organisations behind the campaign on their social networks, expanding the initiative’s reach and visibility.

The website Link externo. also includes an area listing useful contacts for consumers, such as consumer dispute arbitration centres, ensuring easy access to vital information which will help them adapt and support their well-being.

A number of organisations representing foreign communities in Portugal were consulted in the campaign's preparation.

For more information, visit Link externo.

Watch the campaign video.