Annual electronic communications questionnaire - 2023

/ Updated on 06.02.2023

The new annual electronic communications (EC) questionnaire to be filled in by the companies providing electronic communications networks/services is available in Excel format.

This information is required by ANACOM for the purposes of the supervisory powers and also to prepare several annual publications, including those arising from this Authority’s legal and statutory obligations. This information is requested pursuant to Article 108(1) and Article 109(1)(b)(c) and (f) of the Electronic Communications Law (ECL), to Article 10(1) and Article 11(4) of Regulation 6/2018, of 5 January, and to Article 15 of the Statutes of ANACOM, approved in an Annex to Decree-Law 39/2015 of 16 March.

It should be noted that Part II of the Questionnaire corresponds to Annex 6 of the Regulation on provision of information of statistical nature (Regulation no. 255/2017 published in Diário da República no. 94/2017, Series II of 2017-05-16).