ANACOM launches a public consultation on making spectrum available in the 700 MHz frequency band

ANACOM approved on 27 December 2022 the launch of a public consultation on making spectrum available in the 700 MHz frequency band.

This consultation aims to seek the views of the various market players on the current interest in the sub-bands that remain available (733-758 MHz, known as the duplex gap; 694-703 MHz and 788-791 MHz, known as the guard bands), their respective conditions of access and use, as well as the applicable timetable for making them available. It specifically aims to obtain answers to the following questions:

  • Which of the scenarios presented in the consultation document do you believe to be the most appropriate? Please indicate the order of priority you give to each scenario and justify your answer, namely by indicating the advantages and disadvantages of the chosen use compared to the other alternatives.
  • Which type of application(s) do you find important to provide spectrum for? When can market demand be expected?
  • Please indicate, if you prefer, another possible scenario under Decision 2016/687/EU. Justify your answer.
  • For the preferred scenario, please indicate the date deemed appropriate for making the duplex gap and guard bands available. Justify, in particular, and where appropriate, by stating the expected date for the commercial provision of equipment.
  • Any other comments that you find it appropriate to take into account in the context of the future use of the sub-bands under analysis and the most appropriate allocation method.

Interested parties are requested to send their contributions by 7 February 2023, in writing and in Portuguese, preferably by email to

Once the consultation procedure is completed, the contributions received will be made public, whereby interested parties are also requested to send a version with all confidential information removed for publication on this website.