ANACOM approves the Multiannual Activity Plan for the 2023-2025 period

ANACOM’s Multiannual Activity Plan 2023-2025 is now available, including the budget for 2023, which includes strategic guidelines for the three-year period and the main activities to be performed during this period, with emphasis on those relating to 2023.

This document lays out this Authority’s strategic lines of action, focusing on its efforts to contribute so that the whole country obtains the maximum benefit in terms of choice, price, quality and security of postal and electronic communications services, through active and demanding regulation that promotes efficient investment, facilitates the co-use and sharing of infrastructures and ensures fair and dynamic competition.

The approval of this activity plan was preceded by the standard public consultation on the strategic guidelines and measures to be developed for the 2023-2025 period, the report of which was approved on 29 November 2022. This procedure aims to enhance the transparency of its market operations, increase regulatory predictability and promote greater involvement of all stakeholders in the preparation of ANACOM’s framework of activities.