ANACOM and URSI launch new prize for research projects in the categories of innovation, sustainability and social responsibility

The 2022 edition of the Congress of the URSI Portuguese Committee, under the topic “Quantum Communications: what future lies ahead?”, will award, for the first time, the “Best research project in the categories: innovation, sustainability and social responsibility” prize

This prize, awarded by ANACOM and URSI, is intended to encourage young students and researchers to participate in scientific events and to develop academic and research work that includes a dimension that covers the mentioned categories, rewarding those who stand out in each one of them.

The prize will be awarded to the best project, developed in an academic or research context, in each of the categories, presented and defended by a student who is simultaneously the first author of the work and presents it at the Congress of the URSI Portuguese Committee, in a format to be defined.

Interested parties should send their application by 14 November 2022 to