ANACOM attends the 30th edition of the Postal Conference

On 27 May 2022, Sandro Mendonça, member of ANACOM’s Board of Directors, took part in the Postal and Delivery Economics Conference, at the "Regulatory Roundtable", alongside Giacomo Lasorella, chairman of the Italian Regulatory Authority (AGCOM) and representatives of Regulatory Authorities from Belgium (BIPT), Spain (CNMC), the United Kingdom (Ofcom) and Liechtenstein (Amt für Kommunikation). In this session, key issues such as network access, transition of the sector, regulation responsibilities and perspectives for a new postal directive were addressed.

As a speaker at another point of the conference, in a Plenary session, focusing on the evolution of the technical capacities of Regulatory Authorities and new supervisory tools, Sandro Mendonça had the opportunity to address issues related to the institutional transformation of providers.

This conference, organised by the Florence School of Regulation, is a benchmark for debate and analysis in the area of mail services and e-commerce. In 2022, this forum celebrated its 30th anniversary and brought together more than 70 experts, including regulatory bodies, consultants, researchers and operators of various kinds (large incumbents, express segment providers, etc.).

The main topics covered recurring issues in the sector, but always subject to new developments in the field, namely universal service, costs and financing, electronic substitution and small packages.

Some of the sector’s new emerging challenges were also under focus: digital platforms, retail infrastructures, environmental sustainability, among others.


Intervention of Sandro Mendonça at the "Postal and Delivery Economics Conference