Sandro Mendonça participates in OECD and Club of Regulators conference

On 4 April 2022, Sandro Mendonça, ANACOM Board Member, participated in the conference “Strategic Foresight to Bolster Agile Rule Making”, dedicated to the role of foresight in economic regulation, promoted by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), and coordinated by Eric Brousseau, professor at Dauphine University of Paris, member of the Club of Regulators.

The event, which took place online, discussed the challenges regulators face in understanding and anticipating regulatory needs in a timely manner as they face uncertainties related to technological change and evolving societal pressures (such as the climate crisis, social inequalities, etc.)

The dynamic context in question can be managed from an integrated approach based on “Anticipation” and “Agility”, suggested Sandro Mendonça, ANACOM Board Member: Anticipation implies developing organisational capabilities related to understanding the future(s) and Agility implies real-time ability to adapt to unpredictable surprises and discontinuities. However, these efforts are hampered by multiple barriers and, faced with the risk of such “foresight failure”, the role of an international organisation such as OECD can be a facilitating platform and a basis for inter-institutional cooperation to overcome deadlocks and create more visibility on possible scenarios.

The session included contributions from the following speakers:

  • Miguel Amaral - Senior Policy Analyst, Regulatory Policy Division, Public Governance Directorate, OCDE
  • Sandro Mendonça - Member of the Board of Directors, ANACOM, Portugal
  • Maya Bacache - Member of the College, Electronic Communications Regulatory Authority (ARCEP), France
  • Susanna Metsälampi - Leading legal adviser, Transport Systems Services, Transport and Communications Agency (Traficom), Finland
  • Dominique Jamme - Energy Regulatory Commission, CRE (France)
  • Samuel Omolade - Head of the Regulatory Horizons Council, United Kingdom

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